Van der Sar wants patience

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar has urged fans to be patient with their manager.

The Portuguese manager has come under pressure in recent games after the club was beaten three times in a row. Edwin Van Der Sar believes that Jose Mourinho is currently a victim of his own success and that people expect a lot from him.

The Dutch goalkeeper believes that the manager should be given time to work with the players and to inculcate his own philosophy in the team. He said that it is not a good idea to change manager every year and that Mourinho should be given time.

He said that the club had started well their campaign and it is only in the last few games that there have been problems. He believes that Jose Mourinho is the right person for the team and that the club should give him some time.

He has urged fans to stay behind the team and not to put unnecessary pressure on the team by booing players on the pitch. He said that a new manager needs time and that he expects the board to give Jose Mourinho enough time to change the team.

For Van der Sar, Manchester United currently has a good team, and it is up to the players to deliver the goods. He believes that Mourinho has made some impressive signings during the transfer window and that it will take time before the team gel.

Edwin Van der Sar believes that the current Manchester United team will be part of the Premier League race and that they will need to be consistent if they want to win the title. He said that Mourinho is a highly experienced manager and he is the appropriate man to change Manchester United fortunes around.