Edwin van der Sar remains optimistic for Manchester United even with the possible departure of David de Gea

David de Gea is one of the most coveted players in the entire world of football. The Spanish shot-stopper has displayed his skill at Old Trafford with a number of consistently high level performances for Manchester United and now almost every top club wants to sign him and is willing to spend big bucks to secure his services.

Real Madrid is the club that has shown most interest in signing David de Gea as the Spanish club is looking for a player who can follow the legacy of IkerCasillas and the star player of Manchester United seems to be the perfect candidate.

If David de Gea does leave Old Trafford it will be a huge blow for Manchester United but the former star of the Premier League club believes that they still have life in the club even with the departure of de Gea.

Edwin van der Sar told reporters: “At the start of the season you start with 11 players…nobody is irreplaceable, that’s always the case. There’s been a lot of talk lately and if he wanted to stay he probably would have signed a new contract by now. He came here as a young boy to United, really grew up and became a man and has become a top quality goalkeeper, so he’s in demand. I’m sure United, if David is going to leave, they are going to find a good successor.”

Edwin van der Sar believes that David de Gea is not irreplaceable and even if he does join another club, Manchester United are capable of finding someone else who can fill in his spot and the English side will still be able to cope with his possible absence.

Victor Valdes is someone who is being viewed as a potential replacement as well as Hugo Lloris of Tottenham Hotspur and Jasper Cillessen from Ajax.