The Very First Director Of Football Till The Date Is Going To Be Edwin Van Der Sar Of Manchester United

In Manchester United 266 appearances made by Edwin Van Der Sar. At the conclusion of this session, two major appointments are to be made by Manchester United. New manager that are going to permanent are to be announced by the club, chances are that Gunnar Ole Solskjaer can become if he and his performance impressed the same way as now, also Director of football is to be appointed and this is going to happen for the first time in the history of Manchester United.

From the time when Sir Ferguson Alex has been retired in the year 2013, there was a need of Director of Football in the club and its appointment was discussed many a time in these years but it failed always. In the meanwhile, United’s enlistment has regularly stood jumbled and foolish. There is a need in the club for somebody to concentrate on enlistment and work as a bridge among the administrative staff and the persons of the board, and it shows up they perceive this.
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Edwin Focuses On The Retention Of Talent

Edwin van Der Sar being Ajax CEO, he has retaliated to suggestions of Andre Onana, the goalkeeper of this club, being moved back to Catalan club in Barcelona. There have been repeated links suggested and that has led to Edwin making a strong statement to the press. Van Der Sar has stated that he would like to retain Andre Onana and wanted the football community to be aware of the intentions of his club.

The Dutch legend has been having a successful stint with Ajax so far with this being the third season consecutively that he is playing as the primary goalkeeper. It is not difficult to understand why Edwin would be keen to retain him for the coming year as well. He also stated to the press that Andre is eager to play in the first team but he needs to get there gradually. He started off with Europa League final which was indeed a great start for him. Even though last year proved difficult for the team he was able to prove himself to be a valuable team member.
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Van Der Sar Resigns From Director Of Football Role Of Man UTD

The last shot-stopper has lifted up from the Ajax hierarchy. According to the information, it is not going Old Trafford in the coming two years for sure. This report, Edwin Van Der Sar has rejected, contrary to the report, he wants to be the part of Manchester United as a football director. The Premier League side is hoping to hire a director to manage their business in the transfer market, and there are two best candidates for this they are the former star player and RB Leipzig employment manager Paul Mitchell.

Van Der Sar has spent six years in continuation with the Old Trafford club and has achieved a lot. He has reached the CEO level of Ajax from marketing director in recent years. He is now 47-year-old, according to him there is still more work left for him to do in Eredivisie and thus he does not have any plan to leave Johan Cruyff Arena in the near time, although the Old Trafford outfit will ring.
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Edwin Van Der Sar Rejects Rumors About United Return

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar has ruled out the new technical director’s role in Manchester United. The Red Devils plan to appoint a football director after the reaction to their disappointing summer transfer window.

United is prepared to follow the modern tendency to add a connection between the manager and the board and a football director is expected to be announced in the coming days to ease the case. The old Trafford page has been associated with several names since then, and one of the names that have recently come is their former actor Edwin Van Der Sar. The Dutch striker, who spent six seasons at Old Trafford, won four Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy, has gone from marketing director to CEO at Ajax.
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Manchester United goalkeeping legend Edwin van der Sar has revealed that he almost signed for Liverpool under Gerard Houlier. The Dutchman said he almost moved to Anfield back in 1999. He was on the radar of most top sides following his success at Ajax. He spent nine successful years at the Netherlands top club, winning the UEFA Cup and the Champions League title in 1991 and 1995.

Houlier really wanted Van der Sar at the Merseyside that summer of 1999. The tall and lanky shot stopper was even shown around the club ahead of a likely transfer from the Eredivisie to the Premier League. While there were rumours that the deal was one waiting to happen, the keeper changed his mind as he agreed to a move to Juventus.