Edwin van der Sar trusts Louis Van Gaal to lift United from their current condition

Edwin van der Sar trusts Louis Van Gaal to lift United from their current condition just like he did with Ajax in the early nineties

Van Gaal had come into the manager’s job at AFC Ajax ahead of the 1991-92 Season when their condition was not too different from what it is of United today.

It was an unsettled team and most of the players were not too sure of their roles, but, he was given time there in that job, was Van Gaal and within three years, he had pulled off the miracle of making that team the Champions of Europe.

Though, Edwin remained short of saying that Van Gaal could make the Red Devils a title contender in Europe too in any time in future, but, he clearly suggested that those who are in charge of decision making at Old Trafford should put their faith in his compatriot as he has got the sense of team-building and he is good enough to take United back to the place where they were at some time back.

According to Edwin, he never had the services of a better coach than Van Gaal in his career. He is someone who is particularly beneficial to the emerging youngsters because he teaches them the right way to train for their maximum development.

Edwin also reckons that United can make this season count by winning silverware as they might not be anywhere close to topping the Premiership standings right now, but, they are nicely placed in other competitions.

Praising Van Gaal during his talk to an English news network, Edwin said, “Louis is a wonderful coach for the youngsters. He makes them develop by providing them the right kind of guidance and support. I think Man U needs to go ahead with him.”