Edwin Van Der Sar Rejects Rumors About United Return

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Edwin Van Der Sar has ruled out the new technical director’s role in Manchester United. The Red Devils plan to appoint a football director after the reaction to their disappointing summer transfer window.

United is prepared to follow the modern tendency to add a connection between the manager and the board and a football director is expected to be announced in the coming days to ease the case. The old Trafford page has been associated with several names since then, and one of the names that have recently come is their former actor Edwin Van Der Sar. The Dutch striker, who spent six seasons at Old Trafford, won four Premier League titles and a Champions League trophy, has gone from marketing director to CEO at Ajax.

The former keeper has been praised for his role on the Dutch side, where he helped develop a successful recruitment model with the development and sale of promising young players. His competencies in the market also helped to acquire some promising talents around the globe as they continued to reach the Europa League final in 2017, where they lost to the red devils. His rise to the big apartments and a rich backdrop to play in the Premier League has certainly made him one of the leading candidates for the record, and many have begun counting him as the next football director at United.

But their rumors, the 47-year-old man has now come out to describe the reports as “nonsense” and insisted that he is committed to the Dutch club, despite four seasons without any silverware. “I saw it (report) a few weeks ago in the press, but the story about United is nonsense.” Van der Sar was quoted as saying in an interview on television.