Edwin Focuses On The Retention Of Talent

Edwin van Der Sar being Ajax CEO, he has retaliated to suggestions of Andre Onana, the goalkeeper of this club, being moved back to Catalan club in Barcelona. There have been repeated links suggested and that has led to Edwin making a strong statement to the press. Van Der Sar has stated that he would like to retain Andre Onana and wanted the football community to be aware of the intentions of his club.

The Dutch legend has been having a successful stint with Ajax so far with this being the third season consecutively that he is playing as the primary goalkeeper. It is not difficult to understand why Edwin would be keen to retain him for the coming year as well. He also stated to the press that Andre is eager to play in the first team but he needs to get there gradually. He started off with Europa League final which was indeed a great start for him. Even though last year proved difficult for the team he was able to prove himself to be a valuable team member.

Edwin also believes in developing talent in the players and keeping them interested in playing the different levels and moving up the ranks. Though many players are sought out by other clubs the main aim of Ajax is always to groom and nurture the players and keep them for long. There are speculations of other players as well such as Jasper Cillessen. He has been a former goalkeeper of Ajax and rumors are on that he would leave Camp Nou and play in the first team.  Edwin definitely has his hands full when it comes to selection and retention of talent for the club; especially in ensuring that the talents that are built up the ranks are available for playing the crucial games of the season and find themselves challenging games to look forward to